Thursday, August 14, 2014

Wolf Larsen - If I Be Wrong

What if I'm wrong, what if I've lied
What if I've dragged you here to my own dark night
And what if I know, what if I see
There is a crack run right down the front of me

What if they're right, what if we're wrong
What if I've lured you here with a siren song
But if I be wrong, if I be right
Let me be here with you tonight

Ten thousand cars, ten thousand trains
There are ten thousand roads to run away

But I am not lost, I am not found
I am not Dylan's wife, not Cohen's hound
But if I be wrong, if I be right
Let me be here with you tonight

And what if I can't, what if I can
What if I'm just an ordinary man

If there is a will, there is a way
I will escape for sure, I am David Blane
But if I be wrong, if I be right
Let me be here with you
If I be wrong, if I be right
Let me stay here in your arms tonight
And I have been wrong, I have been right
I have been both these things all in the same night
So if I be wrong, if I be right
Let me here with you tonight

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Miriam Makeba - Suriram / Suliram

 Suriram is a lullaby that belongs to the group of folk songs handed down from age to age by the population in the Malay or archipelago. It is estimated to be created in the era 1400an menceritan how her hopes when he saw his son grow up. This song is one of the most popular lullaby among the Malay community.

Dillon - Thirteen Thirtyfive

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Adventure Time // Good Little Girl ~ Tessa Violet ft Rusty Clayton

Marshall Lee: Good little girl,
Always picking a fight with me.
You know that I'm bad,
But you're spending the night with me.
What... do you want... from my world?
You're a good little girl.

Fionna: Bad little boy.
That's what you're acting like.
I really don't buy,
That you're that kind of guy.
And... if you are...
Why do you want to hang out with me?

Marshall Lee: Don't you know I'm a villain?
Every night, I'm out killin'
Sending everyone running like children?
I know why you're mad at me,
I got demon eyes... and they're lookin' right through your anatomy,
Into your deepest fears.
Baby I'm not from here,
I'm from the nightosphere, to me you're clear... transparent,
You got a thing for me girl, It's apparent.